BLUE-R (for Opel Astra G)

BLUE-R (for Opel Astra G)

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Now, this module is manufactured with 2 differences compared to the previous one presented in the clip.
1. The module is wrapped in a heat-shrinkable tube, it is no longer in a plastic box.
2. The PIN code cannot be changed. It is set only once during construction <you can provide a 4-digit PIN code when placing the order>.

The application and operation remain identical. Only the 2 differences presented above appear.


The Blue-R system, for Opel Astra G, was designed as a backup for access in the car and control of the windows with the phone (the phone is most of the time at your fingertips).


With this system you can:

– unlock and lock the car doors;

– close the car windows partially or completely;


As a security level:

– to access a module, you first need to pair it with a PIN code;

– each electronic module is paired with a phone application, so an application can not control multiple modules. (even if the other modules PIN code are known);

– the key communication codes between the application and the electronic module are unique to each system;

The unique application can be installed on multiple Android phones.

The application can connect to the module only when you are near the car.


Consumption is reduced, about 9 mA in standby mode.

App only for Android!

The modules are custom made, no stock! Thank you for understanding.



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