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One-Touch Dacia

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For Dacia models that have window buttons placed on the doors, we can only build one-touch modules for the passenger windows.


Mode of operation:

– At a short press (<500ms) of the power window button, it starts automatically movement in the desired direction. Movement continues until it meets one of the conditions for stopping the window:

1. The meeting an obstacle (for example – hand).

2. End of the race.

3. A new press of the button in any sense.

A long press (> 500ms) of the power window button, movement is sustained as long as the button is pressed (classic function).

The stop function, when meeting an obstacle (or overloading the system lifting / lowering the window), is present in both classical and pulsed mode operation.

ATTENTION! When meeting an obstacle, the window will only stop the race and will not automatically reverse a few centimeters.

The module is equipped with a potentiometer and you can adjust the sensitivity of triggering at the meeting an obstacle.

Calibration: for increased sensitivity rotates counterclockwise, for lowering sensitivity rotates in a clockwise direction.

As additional safety measure, the module disconnect the power of window after 6 seconds if not detected any condition to stop (enough time that the window make full race).

The module is plug & play. The module must be mount between the button and the wiring harness of the car.

It is necessary to equip each window with one module.

The modules are custom made, no stock! Thank you for understanding.

For those car models that have the front windows buttons on central console – the one touch modules are available only for front windows.

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