One-Touch Renault Captur

One-Touch Renault Captur

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Mode of operation:

– At a short press (<500ms) of the power window button, it starts automatically movement in the desired direction. Movement continues until it meets one of the conditions for stopping the window:

1. The meeting an obstacle (for example – hand).

2. End of the race.

3. A new press of the button in any sense.

A long press (> 500ms) of the power window button, movement is sustained as long as the button is pressed (classic function).

The stop function, when meeting an obstacle (or overloading the system lifting / lowering the window), is present in both classical and pulsed mode operation.

ATTENTION! When meeting an obstacle, the window will only stop the race and will not automatically reverse a few centimeters.

The module is equipped with a potentiometer and you can adjust the sensitivity of triggering at the meeting an obstacle.

Calibration: for increased sensitivity rotates counterclockwise, for lowering sensitivity rotates in a clockwise direction.

As additional safety measure, the module disconnect the power of window after 6 seconds if not detected any condition to stop (enough time that the window make full race).

The module is plug & play. The module must be mount between the button and the wiring harness of the car.

The function of up / down windows to 2 consecutively arm / disarm is optional and added in construction of module at customer request with 3 euros extra cost.

For this option: lifting / lowering the windows 2 consecutively arm / disarm (max 5 seconds between orders) is required switching windows on permanent power (+12V) and connection to UCH ( or actuator from door) of module via the 2 auxiliary wires.


It is necessary to equip each window with one module.

The modules are custom made, no stock! Thank you for understanding.

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