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The Blue-R system was designed as a backup for car keycard (the phone is most of the time at your fingertips).

With this system you can:

– unlock and lock the car doors;

– start the engine (even with locked doors);

– stop the engine (after a shutdown, a door lock command will be given);


It may be useful if:

– you are on vacation and you lose or damage the keycard;

– you need something from your car or even leave with your car and you

don’t have the keycard at you;

– a family member needs access to the car and you are gone with the car


– you want to start the car engine a few minutes before you get inside and leave;

– and so on…

The system uses one of the car keycards, which is active only a few seconds when receives the phone commands. The keycard should be opened and modified according to the instructions received. The keycard with the electronic module will be positioned anywhere in the car according to your choice.

As a security level:

– to access a module, you first need to pair it with a PIN code;

– each electronic module is paired with a phone application, so an application can not control multiple modules. (even if the other modules PIN code are known);

– the key communication codes between the application and the electronic module are unique to each system;

– the order and the color code of the wires in the plug-in of the electronic module will be presented in the instructions of each Blue-R system and will be different for every system;

The user can change the PIN code and so will become the only one who knows it.The unique application can be installed on multiple phones.

Each system contains:

– an electronic module

– a bluetooth module

– unique Android app

– connectors with wires (approx. 50cm length)


It’s not included:

– the car keycard


Consumption is reduced, about 7 mA in standby mode.

The modules are custom made, no stock! Thank you for understanding.

Untested on cars with automatic gearbox..


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